De Burgh Adams No. 446PGL EntranceAra No. 348Lodge of Light No. 454

Provincial Grand Masters


(**appointed by Grand Lodge)


Provincial Deputy Grand Masters

Garth Richard Liddell 348
John Frances Thomas Griffin 468
George Drury 348
William George Garrod Gough 348
Geoffrey James Brown 348
Ronald Keat 446
Robert Leslie Byrne 348
Ronald Ian Shepherd 348
Raymond Allister Riddick 446
Leslie Noel Taylor 348
Leslie Stewart Judd 454
John Keith Clark 348
Leslie Stewart Judd 454
Robert Cockrane Macpherson 468
Kenneth Noel Andrews 454
Philip Edward Hayward 348
William Greer Fletcher 348
Frank Errington McCullough 454
William W Thomson 446
Thomas William Dobbie 468
Robert Spier Thorburn 348
Alexander George Lee 348
Frank Wiseman 348
John G Shand 454
George Arthur Gribbin 348
Abraham Goldwater 446
Frederick James Whittaker 348
William F Brooking 446
Niels J M Rein 471
William Finlay 454
John Ellis 446
David A McNicoll 468
John Henry Hooper 348
John Lambert Tole 348
2017 September 30th
2015 March 21st
2010 November 17th
2007 March 24th
1999 September 4th
1990 September 8th
1982 September 25th
1981 September 9th
1977 March 19th
1974 March 23rd
1960 March 19th
1958 September 1st
1955 September 5th
1954 September 18th
1951 September 17th
1947 September 1st
1940 September 2nd
1938 September 5th
1936 September 7th
1935 September 2nd
1934 September 3rd
1934 March 8th
1923 September 3rd
1922 September 4th
1921 September 22nd
1914 October 5th
1910 August 24th
1907 October 7th
1904 January 5th
1898 October 3rd
1896 October 5th
1895 October 7th
1869 September 28th
1865 November 9th

Provincial Grand Secretaries

Jeremy Eggleton
John Matthew Davies
Geoffrey Lloyd Grenfell
Bernard Richmond Young
James William Poole
Leslie Noel Taylor
Position vacant [J K Clark unofficially filled the role]
Neville Wilson Jones
John Keith Clark
Philip Edward Hayward
Kenneth Laurence Purchas Brookfield
Andrew Montague Spencer
Ernest Walker
Walter Ernest Hedditch
Robert Spier Thorburn
John Ernest Morten
Frank Wiseman
Charles John Schnauer
Charles William Spooner
George Arthur Gribbin
John Robert Hanna
William La Granade Mitchell
William Joseph Rees
James Currie Doull
George Patrick Pierce
2017 March 18th
2013 March 23rd
2005 September 20th
1989 September 23rd
1972 September 30th
1964 September 16th
1957 September 21st
1940 September 2nd
1938 September 5th
1935 July 10th
1934 September 9th
1934 March 8th
1928 September 3rd
1922 March 3rd
1920 October 6th
1914 July 8th
1913 July 16th
1908 October 5th
1902 July 22nd
1892 February 3rd
1888 September 26th
1877 September 3rd
1869 September 28th
1865 November 9th

Coronavirus Update
In view of the latest Government advice on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) all Irish Masonic meetings and gatherings are suspended indefinitely throughout the Province of New Zealand.
Continue to maintain high personal hygiene. Please call others regularly, especially those that might not have family, our older members and our widows. Those that are in Retirement villages and Rest homes are now largely in lockdown and will welcome your calls.
Please follow official government requirements and stay safe. Follow your masonic teachings and be cautious. I wish you all well.
Fraternal regards
RW Bro Andrew McGregor