1965 J Dornan
1966 LS Judd
1967 WA Baster
1968 IE Peters
1969 ET Armstrong
1970 TF Turkington
1971 AN French
1972 JC Murray-Lee
1973 LS Davis
1974 AC Coutts
1975 JWH Lindop
1976 T Peters
1977 GL McKenzie
1978 LH Whitehead
1979 CW Cooper
1980 RI Shepard
1981 SF Pearce
1982 GS Malone
1983 H Skarsholt
1984 J Millar
1985 GJ Brown
1986 S Moorhead
1987 GS Bigelow
1988 JW Wilkinson
1989 RC Cleaver
1990 SR Whyte
1991 AC Kingsford
1992 RL Byrne
1993 JW Poole
1994 RJ Whyte
1995 BL Judd
1996 BJ Hill
1997 WC Batchelor
1998 HCN Hovell
1999 WD Irvine
2000 G Dury
2001 JM Davies
2002 BR Young
2003 MA Taylor
2004 RG Faulkner
2005/06 RL Lloyd
2007/08 RH Fricker
2009 GL Grenfell
2010/11 JTS Crawford
2012/13 G Thomson
2014/15 RR Newton
2016 GR Liddell
2017 CA Barnett

Coronavirus Update
In view of the latest Government advice on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) all Irish Masonic meetings and gatherings are suspended indefinitely throughout the Province of New Zealand.
Continue to maintain high personal hygiene. Please call others regularly, especially those that might not have family, our older members and our widows. Those that are in Retirement villages and Rest homes are now largely in lockdown and will welcome your calls.
Please follow official government requirements and stay safe. Follow your masonic teachings and be cautious. I wish you all well.
Fraternal regards
RW Bro Andrew McGregor