PGL EntranceDe Burgh Adams No. 446Ara No. 348Lodge of Light No. 454

Meetings Calendar 2018

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Provincial Grand Lodge x x 17 Comm Dunedin x x x x x 21 Comm Auckland x x x
Ara Lodge No. 348 x 16th AA 5th Reg 3rd Reg 7th Reg 5th Reg
23th Inst
2nd Reg 6th Reg 3rd Reg 1st Reg 5th Reg 3rd Reg
De Burgh Adams Lodge No. 446 x 21st Reg 21st Reg 18th Reg 16th Reg 20th Reg 18th Reg 15th Reg 19th Reg 17th Reg 21st Reg 19th Reg
Lodge of Light No. 454 x x 14th Reg 11th Reg 9th Reg 13th Reg 11th Reg

14th Inst

8th Reg 12th Reg 10th Reg 9th Reg 12th Reg
Lodge St. Patrick No. 468 x x 28th Reg 25th Reg 23rd Reg 27th Reg 25th Reg

28th Inst

22nd Reg 26th Reg 24th Reg 21st Reg 26th Reg
Ara Royal Arch Chapter No. 348 x x 12th Reg x 7th Reg x 9th Inst x 12th Reg x 12th Reg x
Hauraki RA Chapter No. 454 x x x x x x x x x 6th Inst x x
Harp of Erin Council No. 91 x x 26th Inst x x x 23 Reg x x x 26th Reg x
Ara Preceptory No. 348 x 21st Inst x x 23rd Reg x x 22nd Reg x x 21st Reg x


Coronavirus Update
In view of the latest Government advice on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) all Irish Masonic meetings and gatherings are suspended indefinitely throughout the Province of New Zealand.
Continue to maintain high personal hygiene. Please call others regularly, especially those that might not have family, our older members and our widows. Those that are in Retirement villages and Rest homes are now largely in lockdown and will welcome your calls.
Please follow official government requirements and stay safe. Follow your masonic teachings and be cautious. I wish you all well.
Fraternal regards
RW Bro Andrew McGregor