PGL and PGC Visits

Date Event

February 2019

02 Feb Sat Installation DGM, DG Lodge NZ South, SC, Dunedin, (2.30pm)

March 2019

09 Mar Sat Installation 1st G Principal, SGRAC NZ, Hamilton (2.00pm)
12 Mar Tue Northern Light 1878 EC Installation, EMC, Ellerslie (10.30am)
13 Mar Wed Conyers 1916 EC, Installation, Shirley Lodge Rooms, Chch (7:15pm)
14 Mar Thu Tongariro 705 EC Installation, Wanganui (7.00pm)
14 Mar Thu Ara RAC 53 NZC, Installation, 181 Khyber Pass, (7.00pm)
16 Mar Sat Opotiki RAC 1930 EC Installation, St. Johns St., Opotiki (2.00pm)
23 Mar Sat Half Yearly Communications PGL, De Burgh Adams Lodge (4.00pm)
25 Mar Mon St George 1801 EC Installation, Northcote (6.45pm)
26 Mar Tue United Manawatu 1721 EC, Installation Wanganui (Time TBC)
27 Mar Wed Research 161 NZC, Installation, Dunedin (7:30pm))

April 2019

13 Apr Sat Montrose 722 SC Installation, Gisborne (1.30pm)
15 Apr Mon Chapter of Peace No.98 NZC, Ellerslie Masonic Centre, Installation (5.00pm)
16 Apr Tue United 448 NZC, Installation, Dunedin (7:30pm)
20 Apr Sat Sir Donald McLean RAC 1646 EC Instal, Rotary Rooms, Taupo (2.00pm)
23 Apr Tue Eden 1530 – Anzac Commemoration meeting, Dominion Rd (6.30pm)
25 Apr Thu Franklin 2138 EC, Installation, Hikurangi (11.00am)
27 Apr Sat Te Awamutu 2221 EC, Installation, Taupo (3.30pm)
27 Apr Sat St. Andrew 418 SC, Installation, SMC, Onehunga (2.30pm)

May 2019

01 May Wed Rodney 1711 EC Installation, Warkworth (7.30pm)
06 May Mon Eden RAC 1530 EC Installation, 455 Dominion Rd., Mt Eden (7.15pm)
14 May Tue Newton Mark EC Installation, Dominion Rd (7.30pm)
15 May Wed Star of the North 1647 EC Installation, Whangarei (7.00pm)
16 May Thu Te Awamutu RAC 2221 EC Installation, EMC (6.30pm)
18 May Sat Zealandia RAC 2072 EC Installation, Kerikeri (7.30pm)

June 2019

01 Jun Sat Sir Donald McLean 1646 EC, Installation, Waitara (4.00pm)
04 Jun Tue St George MMM Lodge 579 EC Installation, Helensville (7.30pm)
05 Jun Wed Concord MMM Lodge 580 EC Installation, Whangarei (7.30pm)
05 Jun Wed Waitemata 689 EC, Installation, Ellerslie (7.30pm)
06 Jun Thu Sir Walter Scott 15 NZC, Installation, Thames (7.00pm)
10 Jun Mon Remuera 1710 EC, Installation, Ellerslie (6.30pm)
12 Jun Wed Ara No.1 NZC, Installation, Khyber Pass Centre., (7.00pm)
15 Jun Sat Alexandra RAC 1188 EC Installation, 298 Barton St., Hamilton (2.15pm)
18 Jun Tue Research Chapter of NZ 93 NZC, Installation, 181 Khyber Pass (7.00pm)
19 Jun Wed Wellington 1521 EC, Installation, Brooklyn, Wgtn, (6.30pm)
22 Jun Sat Ara 348 IC, Installation, Airedale St., Auckland (10.30am)
24 Jun Mon Auckland RAC 1338 EC Installation, EMC, Ellerslie (7.15pm)

July 2019

04 Jul Thu Auckland EM RAC 9 NZC, Installation, 181 Khyber Pass (7.00pm)
06 Jul Sat Hinemoa 786 SC, Sister Constitution meeting and Burns night, Stratford
08 Jul Mon Ara 348 RAC, Installation of Mark Lodge & Chapter, Airedale St., (6.00pm)
09 Jul Tue Union Mark Lodge 154 EC, Installation, Ellerslie Masonic Centre
10 Jul Wed St George RAC 1801 EC Installation, 17 Albert St., Whangarei (7.30pm)
13 Jul Sat Lodge of Light 454 IC, Installation, Thames (5.30pm)
20 Jul Sat De Burgh Adams Lodge 446 IC, Installation, New Plymouth (5.00pm)
23 Jul Tue Eden 1530 EC, Installation, Dominion Rd., (7.15pm)
27 Jul Sat St Patrick 468 IC, Installation, Dunedin (4.30pm)

August 2019

01 Aug Thu Lewis Mark Lodge 49 EC, Installation, Dominion Rd., (10.30am)
01 Aug Thu St John 461 SC, Installation, Milton (7:15pm)
07 Aug Wed Duke of Albany RAC 2073 EC, Kowhai St., Helensville (7.00pm)
10 Aug Sat Mt Egmont 670 EC, Installation, New Plymouth (3.15pm)
17 Aug Sat Port Chalmers Marine 942 EC, Installation, Taradale, (4.00pm)
19 Aug Mon Karangahape RAC 69 NZC, Installation, McLeod Rd., Henderson (7.00pm)
24 Aug Sat Corinthian 1655 EC, Installation, Thames (1.30pm)

September 2019

05 Sep Thu Harmony Chapter 2180 EC, Installation, Ellerslie (7.15pm)
05 Sep Thu North Shore RAC 52 NZC, Installation, Albany Masonic Centre (7.00pm)
09 Sep Mon St John 1137 EC, Installation, Timaru (7:00pm)
09 Sep Mon William Fergusson Massey RAC 61 NZC, Installation, Pukekohe (7.00pm)
12 Sep Thu Prince of Wales 1338 EC, Installation, Ellerslie (7.15pm)
17 Sep Tue Ashburton 1811 EC, Installation, Ashburton (7:00pm)
17 Sep Tue Ponsonby Kilwinninng RAC 394 SC, Grey St., Onehunga (7.00pm)
28 Sep Sat Annual Communications of PGL, Ara Lodge Auckland (3.30pm)
28 Sep Sat Zealandia RAC 197 SC, Gisborne (3.30pm)

October 2019

02 Oct Wed United Manawatu 1721 EC, Installation, Palmerston North (6.45pm)
05 Oct Sat Hauraki RAC 454 IC, Installation Mark Lodge & Chapter, Thames (6.00pm)
05 Oct Sat Hinemoa 786 SC, Installation, Stratford (2.00pm)
09 Oct Wed Harmony 2180 EC, Installation, Ellerslie (7.15pm)
12 Oct Sat Opotiki 1930 EC, Installation, Opotiki (2.00pm)
14 Oct Mon Turanganui 1480 EC, Installation, Gisborne (7.15pm)
17 Oct Thu Waitemata RAC 72 NZC, Installation, Rodney Rd., Northcote (7.00pm)
19 Oct Sat Hinemoa Kilwinning 601 SC, Installation, Stratford, (7.15pm)
22 Oct Tue Hiram 46 NZC, Installation, Dunedin, (7:30pm)
23 Oct Wed Duke of Albany 2073 EC, Installation. Helensville (7.00pm)

November 2019

05 Nov Tue Aorangi RAC 2300 EC Installation, Johnsonville Wellington (6.30pm)
05 Nov Tue Whangarei RAC 27 NZC, Installation, Whangarei (7.15pm)
09 Nov Sat Aorangi 2300 EC, Installation, Wellington (3.30pm)
09 Nov Sat Zealandia 2072 EC, Installation, Kerikeri (7.30pm)
09 Nov Sat Ponsonby 708 SC Installation, Grey St, Onehunga (1.30 or 3.00pm)
11 Nov Mon Peninsula Kilwinning 696 SC, Installation, Dunedin (7:00pm)
14 Nov Thu Celtic 477 SC, Installation, Dunedin (7:00pm)
25 Nov Mon Festival of St Andrew, Grey St., Onehunga (8.00pm)

December 2019

05 Dec Thu Alexandra 1188 EC, Installation, Hamilton (7.30pm)
12 Dec Thu Otago Kilwinning 417 SC, Installation, Dunedin (7:15pm)
Coronavirus Update
In view of the latest Government advice on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) all Irish Masonic meetings and gatherings are suspended indefinitely throughout the Province of New Zealand.
Continue to maintain high personal hygiene. Please call others regularly, especially those that might not have family, our older members and our widows. Those that are in Retirement villages and Rest homes are now largely in lockdown and will welcome your calls.
Please follow official government requirements and stay safe. Follow your masonic teachings and be cautious. I wish you all well.
Fraternal regards
RW Bro Andrew McGregor